Mobile, Alabama || Connor & Erin

Mobile, Alabama. One of the furthest places Shelly Sarver Designs has traveled for a wedding. And it did not disappoint! Connor and Erin were wonderful to work with. Connor is from Des Moines, Iowa, and Erin is from Alabama. Many of Connor’s friends and family traveled to see the two become one, and it was such a treat to see two different worlds come together.

Erin went with a neutral color palette. It worked so well in the incredible church they were married in and the eclectic personality of their reception venue. Not much needed to be added to make either of these spaces beautiful, but the white and blush flower pops always add some life to a room!

We loved seeing little bits of “southern charm” sprinkled throughout the wedding. There are several things they do a bit differently in the south, but one of our favorites was a tradition called “second line”. With the reception venue in walking distance, once the couple is married, the couple lead the wedding party and all of their guests in a parade down the street to the venue! The couple is lead by a live band playing music to celebrate their marriage and followed by their family and friends waving hankies and cheering! It is nothing short of a party, and we want to bring this to the Midwest!

We hope you enjoy Connor & Erin’s big day!

Photographer || Verdisgris Photography

Dress || White Dress Boutique

Venue || The Steeple

Bride Makeup || kel co cosmetics

Bridal Party Makeup || Cass Hester Makeup and Bella Bosch

Hair || Devin Parker

Planner || Lydia Noble Events

Shelly Sarver